How To Use a Range Finder

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How To Use a Range Finder

How To Use a Range Finder

Range finders can be a very useful tool in so many situations. From hunting to golf, range finders can provide a very accurate look at the distance to your target. Since they offer such an accurate measurement, they have become a standard piece of equipment for many different people for all sorts of sports and leisurely activities. Of course, using one can be a bit confusing if you have never done it before. So how do you use a range finder properly so you aren’t getting a false reading? Here are some easy to follow steps that can ensure you get the best possible reading:

Read the Instructions

Even though this first step may seem like a given that everyone should know already, it is imperative that you do not overlook this step and simply read the instructions on any range finder before you try to use it. By doing so, you know how to accurately use the settings, read the information, as well as how to find the right distances accurately on that particular model. Remember that every model of range finder is different, and just because you’ve used one type doesn’t always mean that you’re going to be immediately familiar with using a new one.

how to use a range finder

Adjust Settings Before You Leave

You want to adjust the settings of your range finder before you leave the house. Make sure that you have the right measurement unit, the right magnification, and other settings adjusted correctly before you head out so that you aren’t trying to mess with them when you really need it. For any reason that you’re using a range finder, you want to be able to point and go without having to wait and adjust anything at all. Not adjusting the settings right or having to adjust them while you’re out can make you miss a shot on a prized buck or drop you out of the lead in that golf game.

Steady Your Range Finder

Once you’re out and ready to use your range finder, you want to make sure that you are steady when using it. If you’re worried that you might be shaky, the wind might be blowing too hard, or other factors can cause problems with movement while you’re trying to find the distance with your range finder, you might consider a tripod or other item to help steady it. A shaking range finder can throw off any reading that you get.

Getting the Distance

Point your range finder to the item that you want to use for the measurement, such as the flag on the next hole or that prized buck. Zoom in and adjust the visual clarity, make sure that you have a clear picture of the item before you check the distance. If you don’t have a clear view, you want to keep adjusting the settings until you do. Otherwise, you are going to get a false reading on the object that you are trying to measure the distance to.

Write It Down and Confirm Measurements

Once you have the distance, write it down and then find the measurements again. Get a good solid average of several readings so that you know where to focus your goals. Now that you have everything written down and averaged, you can easily make that perfect shot, know exactly where you’re going, and not miss a beat!

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