What Are Range Finders Used For

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What Are Range Finders Used For

What Are Range Finders Used For

A range finder is a unique tool that has become wildly popular in the past few years, but if you don’t use one then you may not have a clue what they are and what they are used for in the outdoor world today. A range finder is a small electronic device that is used to measure the distance from one object to another, which is usually yourself and a target.

However, range finders got their start in different naval and military applications – from helping ships navigate throughout the oceans of the world to pinpointing enemy targets. Over time, they have evolved into something that is extremely common for sports, navigation, and so much more in the world today. These revolutionary devices are used in such a wide array of places around the world that many manufacturers have begun to tailor different models for different needs. Here are some of the main areas in which range finders can be used.

Surveying & Photography

Many surveyors use a range finder to help them plot distances on a road, a piece of land, or a building. It can be an extremely useful tool that can ensure the accuracy of a project instead of simply guessing. It can mean the difference in ordering the right amount of materials for a project and grossly overspending. Range finders have been used steadily for photography needs to help photographers determine the distance to their chosen target. Most digital cameras today are equipped with a range finder that is in the form of an auto-focus to help ensure that any picture taken is beautifully clear.

Ballistics & Sports

The military and law enforcement agencies still rely on range finders to determine the distance to an enemy. For example, snipers may use a range finder to help them set up a perfect shot. Many military forces around the world use range finders consistently to ensure that they are getting distance right for tracking, exercises, training, and more. In some sports, such as golf, range finders have become a main stay to help players get a better idea of distances that they need to hit. In fact, there are many different models of range finders that are made specifically for sports, especially golf. Some sports now have regulations on the range finders that can be used during a game and only allow certain models to be in use.

what are rangefinders used for

Forestry & Hunting

Many rangers and other forestry service professionals use range finders to help them find distances for their jobs. Most of their range finders are equipped with anti-leaf filters to help them get a better reading. Hunting is one sport that has become a great showcase for range finders of all types. With some of the different big game hunting, it is safer to take a longer shot – providing the need for a great quality range finder. This way, hunters have a better chance of getting their prize instead of scaring it off or putting themselves in danger.

Virtual Reality and Video Games

For over two decades, range finders have been used on a smaller scale when it comes to virtual reality and video games. For new games, such as the Wii and Xbox Kinect, a range finder is used to determine the distance a player is from the console and TV as well as their movements and transfer them back to the game itself.

The Bottom Line

No matter what a range finder is used for, they have become a vital part of many different jobs, games, sports, and more. Range finders can easily be found in different models that are created for any need you might have for them.

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